Lesson 9: Last Teachings of Jesus

What did Jesus tell the disciples to do when they saw the evil thing in the temple?

When did Jesus say all things in 13:1-30 would occur?

Who knows when Jesus will return?

What did the woman pour over Jesus' head?

What did the disciples think the woman should have done with the money spent on the perfume?

How did Peter respond to Jesus' prediction that he would deny Him?

What sign did Judas use to identify Jesus for the captors?

Why was the Jewish court unable to convict Jesus on the basis of the testimony of the false witnesses?

What was finally used to convict Jesus in the Jewish trial?

How did Peter react when he realized that he had denied Jesus?

Jesus identified wars, famines and earthquakes as signs of His return

When Jesus predicted that one of the disciples would betray Him, they all knew He was talking about Judas

Jesus was eager to be crucified and prayed that it would happen

The disciples slept while Jesus prayed in the garden

The disciples stayed by Jesus' side throughout the arrest and trial