Lesson 10; Death, Burial and Resurrection

Who was Pilate?

Why did Pilate sentence Jesus' execution despite believing He was innocent?

How did they dispose of Jesus' clothes?

What occurred in the temple when Jesus died?

Who buried Jesus?

Why did the women go to the tomb early on Sunday morning?

Where did the angel at the tomb tell the women that Jesus had gone?

What did Jesus say one must do to be saved?

Which of these was not a sign that accompanied the apostles?

Which of these books does not tell the story of Jesus' life?

Jesus loudly proclaimed His innocence during the trial before Pilate

Jesus refused the customary narcotic given to dull the pain

Although Jesus wanted to come down from the cross, He was unable to do so

Jesus was buried in a cave

While baptism is an important act, one does not have to be baptized to be saved