Our three elders provide spiritual leadership for the Christians that meet at Avon Heights, looking out for each individual Christian and helping the congregation stay on track in seeking and serving God. Feel free to contact any of these men directly for more information about our congregation or the great God we serve.

Jon Babcock

Jon is a process safety engineer at Eli Lilly & Co. He grew up in Paoli, Indiana. He and his wife Lea Anne currently live in Danville. Jon enjoys hiking and skiing, and his favorite Bible character is the apostle Paul.

Bob Davis

Bob is retired from Spear Corporation, which makes commercial-size swimming pools. He grew up in Zionsville, IN. He and his wife Susie have two children. Bob’s favorite Bible book is Acts, which tells the stories of the first Christians.

Boyd Sellers

Boyd and his wife Claudia have been with the Avon Heights church since it was formed in 1989. They have been married since 1961 and they have 5 children. Boyd enjoys fishing and reading, and his favorite Bible character is Nehemiah, because he depended so much on God and was intent on helping others.