Lesson 5: The Message Spreads

If a town did not receive the apostles, they were supposed to:

Who did Herod think Jesus was?

Why did Herod arrest John the Baptist?

Why didn't Herod go back on his promise when his stepdaughter asked for John to be killed?

How did Jesus feel toward the multitude who pursued him while He was trying to get away for a time of rest?

While the disciples got on a boat to cross the sea, Jesus went to a mountain to:

What did the disciples think when they first saw Jesus walking on the water?

Jesus taught that men's doctrines are:

What is the source of one's defilement?

What did Jesus mean by "bread" in the story in 7:24-30?

Jesus told the apostles to get some extra provisions before starting their journey

When Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, there were more leftovers than the food they stared out with

It isn't possible to determine if a teaching comes from God or man.

The woman whose daughter was demon possessed with a Gentile

Jesus tried to heal a deaf man, but the man just didn't have enough faith to receive the healing.