Lesson 4: Jesus Does the Impossible

What was Jesus doing when the storm came up on the sea?

What measures had been unsuccessfully attempted to subdue the demoniac?

What happened to the pigs when the demons entered them?

What did the townspeople ask Jesus to do?

How had the woman with the bleeding tried to get well previously?

When was the woman with the bleeding healed?

Why did people suggest that Jairus not bother Jesus any more?

Which of the follwoing were not in the room when Jesus healed Jairus' daughter?

What had been Jesus' profession before He began His ministry?

How did the people of Jesus' hometown (Nazareth) react to Him?

The disciples were surprised that Jesus could still the storm

Jesus did what the demons asked Him to do and sent them into the swine

Jesus wanted the former demoniac to accompany Him

Jesus was angry that the woman touched Him

Jesus told them to feed Jairus' daughter after she had been raised