Mark Lesson 1 Questions

What did John the Baptist eat?

What was the main theme of John's preaching?

John said he was unworthy to...

How long was Jesus tempted by Satan in the wilderness?

Which of these things did the disciples NOT do when Jesus called them?

What amazed the crowds about Jesus?

How did Jesus expel the demon?

Which is NOT characteristic of Jesus' healings?

Jesus got up early in the morning to

The leper's disobedience of Jesus' instructions resulted in

Jesus came to John to be baptized, but John did not baptism Him

The four fishermen took a while to think it over before deciding to follow Jesus

Jesus healed many people who came to Him, but couldn't heal all of them because some didn't have enough faith

When the disciples told Him that people were looking for Him, Jesus chose not to return, but instead went to other places to preach

Jesus told the former leper to tell only the priest about his cure, but he went out and told everybody